Caring for Young Trees in Arizona

After planting, thoroughly water the entire area. Subsequent water should be applied close to the tree trunk for 6-12 months, then moved outward to the edge of the canopy to accommodate the spreading roots. Trees should be watered to wet the entire root zone and to get good, deep penetration into the soil. During the first year, the tree may need to be watered as often as once every 5-7 days. Once established, water needs should be less frequent. The exact schedule will depend on the type of tree, type of soil and the time of year.


Newly planted trees need no fertilizer. A small amount of fertilizer may be applied starting the second year.

Do not prune the newly planted tree during the first year, except to remove dead or badly damaged branches. Allowing lower branches to remain will help the tree to establish faster, develop strength and increase trunk diameter. These branches also help protect the trunk from sunburn and mechanical injury.

It is important to make proper pruning cuts at the correct location and not use sealants on pruning wounds. You may want to hire a tree expert, such as a Certifi ed Arborist, to help care for your trees.